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NAPS2, (Fan Version) create your OWN Extension and Handle via HTTP POST

Naps 2 is a good project but is VERRRYYYYY SLLOWWW, the purpose of this project is create a better and quickly solutions base on LIBTIFF, you can RUN NAPS with DROPBOX and old machine like IE6, Windows XP 32 bits with 2GB and open files with 150MB.

:-) Why? Because is the real world baby.

Why?Because I cannot open CORS in < IE8, this solutions is like mailto: link

Handle if (args.Length > 0)             { try                 { string SessaoID = string.Empty; string file = args[0]; if (File.Exists(file))                     { using (StreamReader sr2 = newStreamReader(file))                         {                             SessaoID = sr2.ReadToEnd();                         } string CodigoArquivo = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(args[0]);                         NAPS.Core.Logge


"LibreTime makes it easy to run your own online or terrestrial radio station. Check out some featuresand screenshots, then install it and start broadcasting! LibreTime is Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS). Among other things, this means that you have the freedom to: Run it royalty-free for as long as you like.Read and alter the code that makes it work (or hire someone to do this for you!)Contribute documentation, bug-fixes, etc. so that everyone in the community benefits. LibreTime is a fork of AirTime due t""o stalled development of the FLOSS version. For background on this, see this open letter to the Airtime community."
See more information on: Read this topic:

!/bin/sh #
max=700 how long to sleep between each set of ezstreams, can be decimal 0.5 delay=2 echo > out
while [ "$count" -le "$ma…

API Telegram

" Credits "

"Charles do Aí Regional Boqueirão", tks.

Hackthon OAB - 2017 SAMMET

2017- 30 - 09 BEFORE

AFTER 10-29-2017 2017 Curitiba/PR/Brasil - “Always pass on what you have learned.”

So, today we have a good session with other developers in

I would like to share a quickly movie about OpenStreet Maps and OSRM.

SOAP WSDL Proxy Generator .NET Core

OK, the current show a lot of options about new tecnologies. Maybe you could use REST comunications between you App and your Server.

But, how I can conect with old WSDL SOAP WebServices. Are you to connect with WSO2?

So, if you use the ASP.NET you can do this more easily using the package below:

Add you package with nuget called "Visual Studio WCF Connected Service"

For more details, please follow the link below.

Think like this, is the same aproach used by Axis2